MAPCA Surveying and Mapping Solutions’ approach is to first understand a client’s needs, working collaboratively to evaluate each individual project request and to discuss the scope of work requirements and schedule.Being proactive on the front end of requests has consistently resulted in saving time and reducing costs for our clients.
MAPCA’s vast boundary experience utilizes the right tools to establish or re-establish boundary lines to determine separations between privately owned parcels of land, also called “property survey.”  The final product of boundary surveys can be interpreted in the following ways:
  • Record of Surveys
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Parcel Maps
  • Final Maps
  • Parcel Mergers
  • Right of Ways
  • Legal Descriptions
Topographic surveys are a critical component of all engineering design projects to determine the surface of the earth and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon. Prior to beginning the survey, MAPCA determines which vertical and horizontal datum to base the survey upon. The survey may be performed using a combination of aerial mapping supplemented with field surveys or conventional survey techniques utilizing robotic total stations and or GPS RTK methods.
MAPCA utilizes the latest technologies to perform route surveys using a combination of aerial mapping, digital orthophotography, GPS, digital levels and conventional surveys to provide topographic engineering surveys and right of way determination for acquisition documents for alignment corridor projects such as:
      Transmission Lines
      Water Pipelines/Systems
MAPCA’s vast experience in the construction surveying industries help provide accurate and timely construction surveying services for both private and public sector projects.  The team provides real time office support and timely field surveys to support the construction industry on all projects.  MAPCA’s  construction industry related project experience includes:
       Power Plants
       Commercial Buildings
MAPCA Surveying and Mapping provides aerial Photogrammetry and Orthophotography services to assist in the planning and design of projects in both the private and public sector.  MAPCA’s use of this technology results in cost effective and accurate data. 
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys is a set of standards established by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, specifying guidelines for conducting surveys that will be most commonly used for commercial real estate transactions required by financial institutions and title companies. 
MAPCA Surveying and Mapping combines the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), digital leveling and precise terrestial and  Geodetic Methods to conduct Geodetic/Control Surveys.  These methods are commonly used in:
       Photogrammetric Control Surveys
       Geodetic Control Networks
       Vertical Control Surveys
       Subdivision Control
       Construction Control
       Machine Guidance Control 
MAPCA Surveying and Mapping’s team has extensive experience in applying static, fast-static, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and Differential (DGPS) technologies  to a vast variety of projects including Geodetic Control Networks, Photogrammetric Control Surveys, Route Surveys, Topographic Surveys and Construction Surveys. 
Right of Way Surveying consists of the research and review of existing title reports, deeds, maps, easements and other pertinent information and to perform boundary surveys. This process is essential in preparing maps and legal descriptions of a strip or area of land, including surface, overhead or underground to locate and describe encumbering interest for the conveyance of title rights.  Right of Way Surveying services are most commonly used for the preparation of Right of Way documents for use in the Transportation and Utility/Energy Sectors.